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Have you seen that next to the residential complex in which you want to buy an apartment - a dry-cleaning factory of a hotel complex, a pre-trial detention center and a mayonnaise production plant?

No, we went there a couple of times by taxi directly to the sales department

When looking for an area to live, it is better to forget about taxis and private cars. You need to walk around the area, see how he lives, what kind of contingent is in it, where there are shops, gardens, clinics, beauty salons. You will not just sit within four walls. Your comfort and safety will be determined by the area.

After the birth of a second child or while waiting for a third, married couples often have a question: “But shouldn’t we buy a private house with a plot for the same money that can buy a large apartment in the city?”

Let's look at the issue comprehensively and find out if this is always the right decision.

First, let's calculate the price and cost. For example, let's take a three-room apartment in Moscow with an area of ​​75 m2. Such an apartment can be advertised with a price of 11,000,000 to 16,000,000 rubles, depending on the area. And then it begins to seem that it is better to buy a house for the same money.


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